1.  Membership is only available to, and may only be used by, individuals who can form legally binding contracts under applicable law. If you do not qualify, please don not submit a membership.

2.  As part of the registration process we will validate your personal information. You consent to the use, collection and disclosure of your 
personal information in accordance with our privacy policy.

3.  Membership will be granted once first payment is receipted.

4.  We reserve the right to decline or accept membership application in our sole discretion

5.  You are required to keep your personal information up to date at all times.


Member Benefits 

1. In consideration of your payment of the membership fee and your compliance with  these Terms and conditions, we agree to provide to you with access to the membership benefits as specified on the website from time to time.

2. Member benefits may be provided by us or third parties unrelated to us. We take reasonable care to ensure that the member benefits provided by third parties meet certain standards however we are unable to guarantee so and accept no liability for.

a) Any use of your personal information by third party

b) Any failure of a third party to provide member benefits

c) A failure by third party to comply with the terms of any transaction entered into.

Membership Cancellation 

Any Cancellation of membership is to be in writing with 30 day notice.


Member Vouchers

1.  Members are limited to redeem one voucher of its kind until it is expired or used.

2. Vouchers are only to be used by designated member

3. ID is to be provided when redeeming a voucher at a golf course with members account visible on your mobile device.


Cancellation of booking 

1. Venture golf reserves the right to with hold deposit paid as a reserve to reserve a position in a competition or golf day if you cancel for any reason.

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